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About us
We run the Child-Zabawki-Dom.pl online toy store with the youngest in mind. We recommend shopping to parents and other relatives of children, as well as schools and kindergartens. We provide a large selection and competitive prices. Products from the store are certified, so they can be safely used by children.
Examples are:
-wooden children's kitchens,
-musical instruments for children,
-educational toys,
-wooden toys,
-dolls with clothes and houses,
-kitchens for girls,
-toys for a 6-month-old baby,
-swimming rings
-SUP boards
-garden toys,
-DIGE magnetic blocks,
-remote-controlled models.
We sell models of cars, tanks, construction machines, planes and helicopters. For children, we also offer scooters, bicycles, including balance bikes, gravity rides and trampolines. We also sell inflatable pools, pool accessories and children's room equipment.
Examples are:
-protective barriers,
-crib mobiles,
-feeding chairs,
-educational mats for lying down,
-baby blankets.

We deliver art sets to schools and kindergartens, including plasticine, crayons, paints, markers, felt-tip pens and drawing boards. We also have backpacks, shoe bags and towels. We cordially invite you to shop at the Dzieci-Zabawki-Dom.pl Online Toy Store! We provide more information about the offer at the telephone number provided and via e-mail.